1. G

    Hey, guys!

    Hello, my name is Darius and I am from Romania. I really like the idea of this forum and I hope we will be able to become great friends and debate great topics together!
  2. helaofthenorns

    Forum is Very Slow?

    Hi. I was just wondering why the forum seems to be so slow. I mean, I can't post new threads easily. I have to wait like five minutes before the page loads up. Also, because it's too slow, I have to refresh the page. Sadly, my post vanishes. It's frustrating sometimes. Am I the only one...
  3. Riggy

    Chat box?

    Is there anyway a little chat box can be placed somewhere on the site so people can chat together? and communicate with other people using the forum?
  4. Trickster


    Hello to everyone from Croatia! Just wanted to make a quick introduction as my first post, as you're supposed to do, right? So, hi everyone! I'm an 20 year old dude from Croatia. I'm not a police officer or anything like that, I just decided to learn the forum because I like learning new...
  5. helaofthenorns


    :p Hi, everyone! I am sure glad to find this forum! I didn't know that our good officers have a forum for citizens. I expect that all my questions and concerns will be answered here properly. Likewise, I hope to meet and share stories here with a lot of people. Cheers!
  6. M

    Hello all

    My name is Michael and I'm glad to be a part of this amazing forum. I appreciate the time all you dedicate to answering our wuestions Thank you for your services.
  7. conovy

    Hi, my name is Isaiah

    I'm a college student, probably going to major in political science or economics. I don't know as much about law and law enforcement as I like so this seemed like a good forum to check out and lurk, as well as get to know some new people.
  8. trose

    Hello from California

    Hey everyone, I'm a college student from california. I'm looking forward to being a member of the forum and getting to know you guys.
  9. H

    Greetings from Romania!

    Hi guys, my name is Andrei and I'm 23 years old and with a clean record, lol. I find this kind of forum to be very interesting, I never even knew that something like this even existed so I'm looking forward to it :D.
  10. Peninha

    Hello from Portugal

    Hey there everyone, really cool that a Police Station forum exists and I am glad to be on it. I think that the police if often misunderstood because citizens sometimes don't know how the law works, so nothing like having a common community and asking the police why things are the way they are...
  11. bala

    Greetings from India

    Hello all, The forum is already addicting and as you can see,i am introducing myself only after 3 posts..:D The layout and the topics are such that it lures you to post some relevant thing that has happened. I will stay here for long..:P.. @Admin : you have a brilliant forum here...Thumbs up...