Identification Rules?


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What are the rules for showing an officer my ID?

I know that if i get pulled over while driving I am required to show it, but how about if I am a passenger in the car - do I need to hand it over then?

How about at a bar? If I am at a bar and it gets raided, do I have any obligation to show the cops my ID regardless of whether or not I am 21?


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That is an interesting question. I have often wondered if the passenger had to show their id if a car got pulled over. When my mother got pulled over because she wasn't wearing her seatbelt right, she had to show her id. I didn't have it on right either, but I didn't have to show mine. We both put the part of the seat belt that goes in front of your chest behind our arms. After she got the ticket, we wore the seat belt the right way. :)


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I'd be interested to know the answer to this. I have no problem showing my ID to anyone, especially law enforcement because I know I have nothing to hide. I just never thought of that before.


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I'm not actually sure whether there is a specific law to mean that you HAVE to show your ID if you're not doing anything wrong, but you may find that if you refuse the officer then insists on it, because it looks as though you have something to hide. As long as you know you're not doing anything that is against the law, you have nothing to worry about from showing who you are. And if you ARE knowingly breaking the law, then it is much better to do what you are told, because it looks much better for you if you are cooperating with what the police officer is asking you to do.


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I don't think they would ask for the passenger's ID for a traffic stop. A passenger might be a minor who doesn't even have a state issue ID yet.