1. Anthony

    Police Driver Caesar Goodson Acquitted in Freddie Gray Death

    Police Officer Caesar Goodson was acquitted of all charges in the death of Baltimore man Freddie Gray Thursday. Gray, who had his hands and feet bound after being arrested, was put taken on a rough ride in a police van without the use of a safety belt.
  2. Anthony

    Server buys officers meals

    Server buys officers' meals [video=youtube;0-
  3. Anthony

    Utah Police Officers Rescue Woman From Burning Home

    Lone Peak police officers rescued a 60-year-old woman after a fire broke out at her home the morning of April 15. (Video courtesy of the Lone Peak Police Department)
  4. sillylucy

    Hello from Los Angeles!

    Hi everyone! I am from Los Angeles and I love the idea of being able to ask a police officer some information. This is a great idea. Excited to meet everyone! ;)
  5. caparica007

    Hello police community

    It's pretty exciting for me to be in a police community. I grew up with a friend from a very complicated neighborhood who managed to come out and become a police officer, I think he's a great example. Looking forward to see the forum.
  6. D

    How Many Hours is Training?

    I am kind of curious as to how many hours a student needs to go through training to become a police officer of duty. I have often heard that a barber goes through more hours of training than a police officer, but I am sure that is just a myth. However, I really am curious as to how many hours...
  7. Rainman

    Man vows to join Islamic State after arrest and kill the officer who arrested him

    Just yesterday I was wondering how cops react to threats of this sort. It's like everyone on the wrong side of the law now sees ISIS as their heroes. Two men arrested a month back said they'd join after they left prison, kidnap and behead an American. This other man though, actually threatened...
  8. Riggy

    Fellow officer breaks the law to help someone, what do you do?

    Do you feel you should let it slide because he's helping someone out or do you feel it is your duty to step in and take action?
  9. Rainman

    Where Do You Draw The Line?

    A police officer's duty is "to serve and protect." Getting killed in the line of duty is not part of their job description though. Now supposing police have to intervene in a situation where they'll directly put their lives in danger is it OK if an officer chickens out because they can be...
  10. D

    Some of you have been beaten by a police officer?

    I never have been beaten by a COP, luckily always obey. I'm not aggressive, and perhaps for that I've been lucky. Tell me your story, without fear.
  11. AnthonyM83

    Identification Rules?

    What are the rules for showing an officer my ID? I know that if i get pulled over while driving I am required to show it, but how about if I am a passenger in the car - do I need to hand it over then? How about at a bar? If I am at a bar and it gets raided, do I have any obligation to show...
  12. js85

    Officer on leave pending investigation into Facebook posts

    I'm not yet allowed to post links, so I'll just have to copy and paste the story here. This is from my hometown. What do you think?
  13. D

    Why did you select to be a police officer?

    If you're a police officer, answer please. I would like to know something, nothing wrong, is a curiosity. Some people tell me that they took that decision because they can earn many benefits with the State, others for passion, others to follow their parents, others to protect the citizens and more.
  14. KrustyKrabella

    Police filmed beating man at Walmart in SC

    Cops Filmed Beating Suspect During Arrest At Walmart I'm aware the footage of the beating doesn't show the whole story, but it doesn't look like the man was acting in a way that warranted a beating. Sure, he was acting strange, and even tried to steal a cash register drawer. But breaking the...
  15. milyjohnson

    Is there such a thing as a no self defense law

    One of my supervisor's at work is being stalked by a guy she doesn't know. She bought a knife to protect herself from him in case he tried to attack her. When he did approach her, she pulled the knife out on him. When the police got involved, the officer told her that if she stabbed him, she...
  16. Kate

    Hero Officers Thread: Let's Hear Stories!

    I can't begin to describe how annoyed I get hearing people in blogs, media, forums, etc. etc. going on about officers in the news with negative stories. Let's hear some of the good... it greatly outweighs the bad, and yet in today's [what I call] "zombie society" we hear so much of the bad...
  17. KrustyKrabella

    Town's favorite cop is cold and heartless!

    Ada, Oklahoma has a police officer who is well known to be cold and heartless. Some even call him a dummy right to his face! Yet this officer is by far the town's favorite cop! How Ada, Okla., Warmed to Its Cold, Silent New Cop - WSJ The police chief in Ada decided to park a CPR dummy in...
  18. m.hicks

    He was drunk and High when he came to pick up my son

    I was recently divorced and came to an agreement with my ex about visitation. I allowed him more time with our son than what was in the court order because I wanted him to be more involved than just on the weekends. For a while it worked out fine, but one time when he came to pick up my son he...
  19. KrustyKrabella

    Do you resent civilians approaching you to ask questions?

    My family and I were at a small village fair not too long ago, and there was a large police presence there to just keep an eye out for any developing problems. There were about 15 police officers, and as there wasn't much for them to do, they would congregate in small groups with each other and...
  20. askanison

    St. Louis officer suspended for rant

    A St Louis officer speaking before a group called Oath Takers was recorded as he went on a rant saying people in domestic violence cases should stop wasting the time of the police and just go on and kill each other. He went on to say he was a killer and if any of them showed up in front of him...