Some questions on police brutality and K-9 units

Discussion in 'Ask a Cop' started by princenyc, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. princenyc

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    Today it is almost commonplace to hear physical police behavior described as police brutality, yet it is rare for police officers to actually be prosecuted much less convicted for these accusations.

    What are some common instances where police are allowed to use force on an individual that are not popularly understood?

    When does police behavior become police brutality according to the letter of the law?

    And how much police behavior that meets the legal definition of police brutality goes unprosecuted because of District Attorneys and/or Internal Affairs officers that are just reticent to prosecute "one of their own"?

    And why aren't K-9 Units considered police brutality? Can I tell my dog to attack someone and not be charged?
  2. DancingLady

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    Those are some very interesting questions. I definitely agree that not enough of the officers who do commit acts of police brutality get charged. I think part of the problem with it is that they feel so safe, they don't think they will be held accountable in this way. It is so rare for an officer to end up with jail time over something, even if it seems pretty obvious what they did was uncalled for that they have a false sense of security in what they do.
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    I think it's just like in any case where someone can cause you harm. You have to react, but sometimes it's predetermined and uncalled for. If the offender has a weapon and the cop draws on him/her, then it's because the cop feared for his life. I just think it should be the other way around too, if a cop is using way more force than it takes to subdue someone, it should be that person's right to defend themselves. That's not the way it works so I would never condone that behavior. The most you can do is hope that if you alert the authorities, you'll get some justice. You have to be clean though. You'll get no sympathy if you are an extremely dangerous criminal who's crying Police brutality.

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