1. princenyc

    Some questions on police brutality and K-9 units

    Today it is almost commonplace to hear physical police behavior described as police brutality, yet it is rare for police officers to actually be prosecuted much less convicted for these accusations. What are some common instances where police are allowed to use force on an individual that are...
  2. Teens In Crisis

    How To Act When Being Pulled Over

    I was wondering if anyone has any tips or practices that they participate in while being stopped for traffic violations or other offenses. I personally make sure that I greet the officer with a smile, call him sir, and ALWAYS ask permission before reaching into things like the glovebox and...
  3. Anthony

    Police deliver pizza after driver involved in crash

    Police in Portland, Oregon deliver pizza after the driver involved in crash had injured his neck and back. The driver was transported to a local hospital. The officers told him they would make the delivery for him. "They turn around to leave and I said, 'Hang on, I've got to a get a picture of...
  4. helaofthenorns

    Corrupt Officers

    I have read so many news articles about police officers who have been in hot water because of corruption allegations. Do you know anyone who has been accused of this? How do you feel? Do you treat them differently?
  5. helaofthenorns

    How do you handle student protests?

    I graduated from a university where in student protests are very common. I would always see videos of police officers handling students roughly. Dragging them to police mobiles, etc. How should officers handle situations like these? What are the SOPs?
  6. atuckerit

    Do officers suffer from post traumatic stress as a normal part of the job?

    I think that I would start losing some of my humanity from being around criminals and dishonest people for a majority of my life if I worked with them all the time. It gets me down just meeting random mean people in stores or on the street when I am out with my kids. Do you think that police...
  7. JoshPosh

    Health benefits for USA police offers.

    What kind of health benefits does USA police officers have?
  8. js85

    Elgin police testing cameras on helmet, body

    I know this is a hot topic around here, and it looks like my city is testing it out. Elgin police testing cameras on helmet, body -
  9. stevesxs9

    What does Policemen/Women do for relaxation?

    I was just thinking about how stressful an LEO's job can get at various times, and was wondering what are some the methods Officers use to combat job related stress? And what relaxes them and enables them to prepare for another day of duty?
  10. Kate

    Hero Officers Thread: Let's Hear Stories!

    I can't begin to describe how annoyed I get hearing people in blogs, media, forums, etc. etc. going on about officers in the news with negative stories. Let's hear some of the good... it greatly outweighs the bad, and yet in today's [what I call] "zombie society" we hear so much of the bad...
  11. nafretiti


    Hi there, I'm Nafretiti from South Carolina. I have moved here 7 years ago from Wisconsin, I'm currently in the process of returning to my home state in just a couple of weeks. I've always had interest in the police world so here I am to learn more about the officers of the law.
  12. Rainman


    Police officers justify the use of excessive force by saying that they have to defend themselves. I must note in passing though, that in some cases when their life is on the line a police officer should shoot an armed suspect. But aren't cops trained to be good marksmen? Wouldn't a bullet to the...
  13. True2marie

    A Warmer Shade of Blue, A Book About the Good Things Cops Do

    For anyone who feels they hate cops or don't understand how much they serve the public, you should check out the facebook page A Warmer Shade of Blue, A Book about the Good Things Cops Do. Based on this read, there are stories and pictures about exemplary acts committed by police officers. To...
  14. True2marie

    Are police officers allowed to get second jobs?

    These days, making ends meet isn't always easy. I don't know what police officers make, but I imagine at times they might want to bring in more income. If so, are they allowed to take a second job as long as it doesn't interfere with their work.
  15. True2marie

    Do police officers surf the net at work?

    I was surprised to read an article on how much Internet porn is looked at on the job. To me, work is the most unsexy place in the world. And, when I surf the net, it's usually shopping sites, CNN and forums. Otherwise, I just talk to a neighbor when I feel more like playing than working. Do...
  16. dannybuntu

    Why do you think people disrespect police officers?

    I mean think about it, police officers protect us from the bad guys and enforce the law so that we would all be living (or trying to) live our ideal lives in whatever political system that we have. Although ideally, democracy isn't a perfect system, I think it comes close to the ideal state...
  17. True2marie

    How many breaks do police officers get during a work shift?

    According to labor and industry laws, workers are supposed to get two breaks and a lunch during an eight hour shift. Do police officers abide by this policy? I ask because I rarely see officers in uniform at a deli or McDonald's. Then, when I do, they get back into their car and continue...
  18. M


    Is race taken into account in the hiring process? Not necessarily one race is better than another sort of thing, but do certain areas (IE, areas with a high rate of Hispanic citizens) opt for Hispanic officers? Would that be considered illegal?
  19. JoanMcWench

    Type I Diabetes

    Is anyone aware of whether or not you can become a police officer if you suffer from Type I? I know that there are police officers on the force with Type II, but have yet to meet someone who has Type I. Anyone?
  20. bravetran

    If there are no anti-discrimination laws, how do most officers proceed?

    I live in an area that has anti-discrimination laws based on gender identity and expression, including ones for sexuality; this covers the LGBTQIA crowd rather nicely and generally in my area most have never had an issue with officers in this regard. In areas without discrimination laws though...