1. Anthony

    Police Identify Baton Rouge Cop Killer As Gavin Long From Kansas City

    Police Identify Baton Rouge Cop Killer As Gavin Long From Kansas City
  2. Anthony

    Police: 1 taken into custody; no evidence of active shooter, hostage situation

    Police: 1 taken into custody; no evidence of active shooter, hostage situation.
  3. Anthony

    Orlando nightclub shootout caught on camera

    Witnesses react to what appears to be a shootout between police and the gunman who opened fire at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
  4. Anthony

    2 officers in Freddie Gray case suing Baltimore prosecutor

    Two officers charged in death of Freddie Gray are suing Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby for defamation and invasion of privacy. 'On the Record's' legal panel breaks down the case.
  5. Anthony

    Baton Rouge Police fatal shooting body cam/dash cam

    Video released by the East Baton Rouge District Attorney's Office Monday of a Feb. 13 shootout between two Baton Rouge police officers and a 22-year-old man killed in the gunfight shows the officers were justified in shooting the gunman, the district attorney said Monday.
  6. Anthony

    Cops Protested Outside Beyoncé's Concert

    Houston Cops Protested Outside Beyonce Concert. Police and Beyonce fans alike got in formation on opposite sides outside of the star's Houston concert Saturday.
  7. Anthony

    Alliance man asks police to help him find his marijuana

    Alliance man asks police to help him find his marijuana.
  8. Onthemark

    87-year-old woman rescued near Mud Mountain

    A DPS helicopter spotted the woman 10 miles away from her car.
  9. Onthemark

    Phoenix police looking for prankster who called in fake officer down call

    Officials say the call was made from a radio stolen from from a detective's car.
  10. Onthemark

    Policeman Pays For Single Father He Caught Shoplifting Baby Formula

  11. Shimus

    How should Veteran Cops be punished for abusing the law?

    If the offense wasn't severe enough, I believe they should be demoted and forced to go through the police academy again and then have a partner on them at times to keep them in line. As the state of the matter stands around here, they would get a slap on the wrist and then go right back to doing...
  12. Miles Hansen

    Getting fit in order to join the police force.

    Does anyone have any experience when it comes to instensive training before going to the academy? I'm a bit of a slop, and my self diciplin these days is not the best, but it has been a life long dream of mine to become a policewoman. Does anyone have any experience with going from being a bit...
  13. Miles Hansen

    Injuries on the job

    Are injuries a common thing on the job? I'm aware that real life policework is nothing like what you see on TV, and nothing near as dangerous, but it still appears to me as if injuries would be a significant concern. And how do you deal with any contracted injuries? Does it impact your work in...
  14. D

    Possibe new serial killer emerges in Indiana

    Darren Deon Vann convicted sex offender who served time in Austin,Texas for his crime is a suspect in custody linked to seven bodies of women. It is possible that this suspect can be linked to murders in other states but at this time it is too early to make such comments. After the arrest of...
  15. princenyc

    Some questions on police brutality and K-9 units

    Today it is almost commonplace to hear physical police behavior described as police brutality, yet it is rare for police officers to actually be prosecuted much less convicted for these accusations. What are some common instances where police are allowed to use force on an individual that are...
  16. princenyc

    Why do the police ask, "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

    There has to be a reason they ALWAYS ask that, right?
  17. mimsee

    Hi from New Orleans!

    Hi everybody, my name is Amy and I'm a zumba fitness instructor from New Orleans, LA. I joined police station because, as many of you know, New Orleans has one of the most controversial police forces in the country and I have a lot of questions about whether they are doing things by the book...
  18. princenyc

    Are Guns Really Necessary For Cops?

    I realize this is the United States and we love our guns but does law enforcement really need them. We know that there are several western countries where the cops do not carry guns. Crime isn't running rampant because the cops don't have them. With all the attention on cops killing kids and all...
  19. DancingLady


    When I was living with my parents, there was a situation with a neighbor where they had cars coming and going all the time. It looked like they might be selling drugs. We were taking notes to report what was going on, but before we even went to the police with the info, my mom found dead rats...
  20. S

    Hello From North Carolina!

    Hi, my name is Scott. I decided to check out this site since there seemed to be a lot of interesting things to see... and I always have questions to ask.:) By the way, what would be the official stance of a police officer if a zombie popped up and tried to bite me? I need something on record... lol