1. Shimus

    How should Veteran Cops be punished for abusing the law?

    If the offense wasn't severe enough, I believe they should be demoted and forced to go through the police academy again and then have a partner on them at times to keep them in line. As the state of the matter stands around here, they would get a slap on the wrist and then go right back to doing...
  2. Riggy

    Improvements to the police academy?

    During your time there, what do you feel could be improved on that would really make a big difference to a lot of people?
  3. PineappleKing

    Overall Experience?

    Did you come away with an overall positive experience of your instructors and your fellow trainees? Or was academy something you had to go through to get the badge?
  4. Riggy

    What happens within the police academy

    Was there anything in the police academy that you perhaps shouldn't have seen? Corruption of sorts or higher ranked officers doing things they shouldn't have been doing?
  5. JoshPosh

    Length of time needed to graduate from the Police Academy?

    Just wondering the time length needed to graduate from the Academy?
  6. JoshPosh

    Age limit for joining the Police force?

    I'm currently looking for a new career and law enforcement might be the answer. I was just wondering if there is a age limit in joining the police academy?
  7. Dunkel

    What should I do?

    I've finished my BS in CS from UCLA. I've been looking for work for a couple of months. I would really enjoy working in a job that's affiliated with the police. I have a lot of student debt. So should I join the Army/Air Force or try to get in the Police Academy? If I went the military route...
  8. davidj96

    Does Military service help you get into the academy?

    I've always wondered if having military service would help you gain a spot in the police academy. I'll be leaving for Marine corps recruit training next June and my MOS will be 0311, Infantry.I'd like to stay in for at least two active duty listings, and then possibly try to become a police...
  9. calpavb

    How good of shape am I expected to be in on the first day of the Academy?

    How good of shape am I expected to be in on the first day of the Academy?
  10. H

    Getting graded at the police academy

    Do you graded at the police academy? Does your performance have any effect on getting promoted?
  11. edhman81

    I would like to become an officer but I'm too short

    I would like to become an officer but I'm too short. Im 16 years old and 5'4. In high school right now and then going to college. I feel that my height will be a problem. I really don't know what I should do. Is there a chance I can become a policeman? Or will my height be an issue?
  12. A

    Suggestions on supplies

    Will be heading to the academy in a couple of months I was looking for some suggestions on supplies and gear.
  13. sterna20

    How much time did you wait after the academy to get hired?

    Heading to the Police Academy next month. I wanted to ask you guys how much time did you wait after the academy to get hired with your first agency?
  14. M

    How hard was your the physical training

    How hard was your the physical training at your Police Academy and what kind of style was it? I was told the academy that I am going to attend is pretty hard, it's military influenced PT.
  15. bradyjim86

    Information on Police Academy

    I have been accepted to attend the police academy this July. I am self-sponsored. I really want to be totally prepared and I want to ask you guys what I should expect. I want to get a list on the things I need, however the guy at the academy told me I would find out everything during...
  16. S


    I might have to pay for the academy. I wanted to know if anybody has any experience in receiving a scholarship in order to attend a police academy.
  17. Edreid567

    Academy question about self sponsored

    I have a question for those that self sponsored. I was hoping you can give me an idea on how much money you had to spend when you were done with the police academy. Thanks.
  18. bmurphy389

    Running shoes

    I need to buy a new pair of running shoes for the police academy. Does anybody have any input on a good pair that will last me thru the academy?
  19. cmirmann

    Texas State Troopers

    Hi guys. I just want to ask for some advice. I will be applying for the Texas State Troopers. I was wondering if there is anybody on here from Texas that would be willing to give me some tips and advice on the process with the academy and how it is working as a Trooper.
  20. R

    What is the most common injury at the academy?

    What is the most common injury at the police academy?