1. PineappleKing

    How often do people fight tickets?

    About what percentage of the tickets you give are contested in court?
  2. headmaster

    What is morality?

    Is morality doing something for your own preservation or for the society? Is it a set of rules governed by only one set of people, or something every individual can have a say about?
  3. Riggy

    Improvements to the police academy?

    During your time there, what do you feel could be improved on that would really make a big difference to a lot of people?
  4. Profit5500

    Could you have a misdemeanor and still be a cop

    I was not sure if this question got answered or not on this site. I was wondering if you have a expunged misdemeanor could you still be able to become a cop? I always wanted to know about this and I just want to know what people thought about it.
  5. PineappleKing


    Do most people on the force have families with children? Is this common or do only a few people?
  6. atuckerit

    Do officers suffer from post traumatic stress as a normal part of the job?

    I think that I would start losing some of my humanity from being around criminals and dishonest people for a majority of my life if I worked with them all the time. It gets me down just meeting random mean people in stores or on the street when I am out with my kids. Do you think that police...
  7. Riggy

    Chat box?

    Is there anyway a little chat box can be placed somewhere on the site so people can chat together? and communicate with other people using the forum?
  8. D

    What do you think of the people that abuse of the weak?

    I feel very bad when I see people who abuse the weak, those who have no defense, ignorant and weak-minded. I recognize that there are many weak people and I think our job is to help you have more mental strength, not exploit them. What do you think? - Thanks for responding.
  9. Riggy

    What motivated you to become a cop?

    There's always some interesting and inspirational stories about why people wanted to commit to helping people. What are yours?
  10. helaofthenorns

    Facebook Games

    I always get game requests on Facebook! Though I find this irritating at times, I still become curious about them. Thus, I end up signing up for and playing so many Facebook games. My favorite is Viking Clan because I don't have to add a lot of people to play it. Do you play games on Facebook?
  11. helaofthenorns

    If you could be any other person for a day...

    ...who would you be? I think it would be very interesting to be Kim Jong-Un for a day. I would somehow get an idea of how his country works, and why his people love him. It just befuddles me when I see people crying out of sheer joy when he passes or visits towns.
  12. D

    What is better, trust or not trust the people?

    I ask this because sometimes we are very suspiciouswith everybody. It is true there are bad people lying, but there are many honest people in this world and Ithink that we cannot judge everyone, this is mypersonal opinion.
  13. D

    How many times you have been penalized for bad driving?

    Thank "God" I never have been penalized but there are many people have not had the same luck. Tell me your experience and thank you for participating.
  14. KrustyKrabella

    Atlanta policeman accused of murdering a woman and setting her body on fire

    His preliminary court hearing is set for September 12 in Fulton Superior court. He has waived his right to attend his first court appearance scheduled for yesterday, and as a result, remains behind bars with no bond. Phone records link the policeman to the victim, and they may have initially...
  15. helaofthenorns


    :p Hi, everyone! I am sure glad to find this forum! I didn't know that our good officers have a forum for citizens. I expect that all my questions and concerns will be answered here properly. Likewise, I hope to meet and share stories here with a lot of people. Cheers!
  16. Lexi

    Just Do It

    If you are one of those people that talk about wanting to become healthier, my advice is "just do it". Nike has the perfect slogan. I love it. People like to spend time reading/thinking/talking about losing fat or building muscle. If this is you, then you are wasting your thoughts and your...
  17. Lexi

    Vitamins are garbage

    For one, you don't need them. There is literally no evidence that vitamins can benefit you more then a healthy diet can. in fact, look around you, does it look like the medical industry is helping our society at all? It's 2014 and most people are unhealthy. Even people focused on their healthy...
  18. Lexi

    Would this effect your chances of becoming a cop?

    My cousin wants to become a cop - it is all that he talks about. One thing that he mentioned before was how he hates being related to certain people in our family because, he feels that it will effect his chances of becoming a cop. If a few people in your family have a history of drug-use and...
  19. dannybuntu

    Why do you think people disrespect police officers?

    I mean think about it, police officers protect us from the bad guys and enforce the law so that we would all be living (or trying to) live our ideal lives in whatever political system that we have. Although ideally, democracy isn't a perfect system, I think it comes close to the ideal state...
  20. babyleans

    why do most people like dogs more than cats?

    I was just wondering why everytime a family talks about getting an animal, it's always a dog and not a cat? Don't people like cats? I really love cats!